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a few of my favorite posts

since i’m switching over to the new site, i figured i would move a few of my favorite posts. enjoy! [edit: after just putting two here, it’s kind of a pain. so if you want to read my former wisdom, go back to www.xanga.com/uthpstr]

seven deadly sins combos

i just found this online and thought it’s pretty funny but also pretty accurate. i don’t think we think about our sins often enough to try and sin less and liveCHRIST more. i like the combo idea they have here because it shows the myriad of things that actually are sins that we would like to ignore and think aren’t. we like to think of just “big” sins and not simple things like overeating or greed.

sometimes the seven deadly sins is a reality check! what do you think? are you favorite sins not too far from some on this list? i think each of us have some one here sometimes!

pax: ty


who’s louder

last night, after a pretty rotten day, i was reading a devotional by john stott. great guy. what he was talking about temptation and how satan’s voice is trying to drown out God’s voice.

he looked at matthew 4 where Christ went from being baptized in the jordan, where God says loudly that here is my son, to the desert where satan was trying to question Christ on who he thought he was.

his point… when satan’s voice is louder than God’s voice, that is what we hear and respond to and fall into listening to. it’s his voice in culture, other people, and the world around us that we tend to hear more often. why? because we are not taking the time to put ourselves into position to listen to God’s voice more often than satan’s.

what is God’s voice? his word: scripture. so where and how often are we listening to God’s voice. we need to hear it in ways that it’s louder and more distinct than what satan seeks to try and say to us or confuse us with.

so what are we hearing? where are we putting ourselves into position to hear from God instead of freaking out that all we hear is satan. it’s our choice and our fault if the voice of the diobolical one is louder than the voice of the one who saves and loves us!

do something about it!

pax: ty

One Response to “a few of my favorite posts”

  1. Sin combos rocks – and it makes me think. Thanks for posting it.

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