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programs • experiences • relationships • liveCHRIST


this is always the time of the year where i start my daydreaming, thinking and planning for the next season of youth ministry. always asking myself…

what did   and didn’t work?
how to we value building relationships?
what is our purpose in all we do?
who is in need and where can we serve?
what should student experiance out of their comfort zone?
where is God calling us?
how do we liveCHRIST in these ministries?
is what we do becoming a program?
what am I not seeing?
am i open and seeking feedback?
who can we get to join in this work?
where is God already at work?
how can we keep expanding and looking for opportunities?
how can we shake things up a bit?
what matters to students?

i hope we never get to the point of just being a heartless program or repetative events. for the moment, i’m seeing the value of service and experiance as we try to liveCHRIST. getting away from leaning on our understanding and doing something with it. many of the students we serve are aware of what it means to be christian. they may have not chosen to live their lives that way, but that is where we should come in. i’m hoping that we can be a big part of giving them handles on their knowledge. giving them experiences and service opportunities to stretch that knowledge.

i want to always be moving from a program into experiances that build relationships that see and liveCHRIST!

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