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why, after all these years, does it seem like churches, councils, pastors and people just don’t see that ministry to students is important and can take place in a myriad of ways? there is no cookie cutter formula for doing ministry and building a trusting relationships with students is the important thing. this is all the more critical as students are leaving he churches in droves and not connecting to God in relevant and life changing ways!

luckily, harderwyk is a place that gives me the freedom and blessing to do real and dynamic student ministry! we may not always get it right and struggle through trying to build real relationships that are pointing to Jesus Christ, but we are encouraged and given the respect to create what God calls us to. we also have a council and senior pastor that see this as a team effort and are great to work with. i wish it was the same for everyone else!

unfortunately many of my friends and associates don’t have much trust or freedom and have the most bizarre restrictions, regulations, rules and dopey expectations put upon them.

it breaks my heart to see people with passion for living Christ with students have the wind taken out of their sails and broken in spirit because the others they work with don’t have a stinking clue. grrr! i don’t know why some senior pastors seem to think they are the only ones with a clue and have all ideas and answers. is there some kind of class in seminary called “ego leadership 101” that many of these people take? if there isn’t how else do you explain the kind of egos that you can encounter and the narrow views and manipulation they can exhibit? i know it’s not all or most senior pastors but right now it seems like way too many because i’m seeing so many gifted friends suffer in ways that don’t make sense!

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