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when will it end?


as i look out my office window to see more snow, more wind, more clouds and more winter, i wonder to myself: when will it end?

i need warmth, sun, the outdoors and everything good spring brings with it!

now here is where the deep stuff comes in…

it started to make me wonder how many students, families and people i know, that are right here at harderwyk, or my youth group or my neighborhood or my circle of friends, that are feeling the same way about the junk that goes on in and around their lives. thinking to themselves…

when will the hurt end?

when will the suffering end?

when will the abuse end?

when will the poverty end?

when will the crying end?

when will the marriage end?

when will the loneliness end?

when will the unemployment end?

when will the layoff end?

when will the worry end?

when will the terminal illness end?

they are looking for the good things that life brings. they may not even realize that there is a Jesus or his followers that can be a part of the good things of God. that’s sad but that’s our mission and should give us hope and a fire in our belly.

when can all these things end? when WE, ME, US, as Jesus followers liveCHRIST in and around their lives! that doesn’t mean preachy and self-righteous, that means love, show mercy, have a conversation, be available, whatever.

just do something, not think about doing something!

i think i’m ever so slowly growing in this area personally and with how we are trying to shape youth group. and it’s EXCITING!

pax: ty



One Response to “when will it end?”

  1. I don’t think it will ever end! That is the cold and snow. I’m tired of it. I need to find a cheap flight to California.


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