u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

the future


today is future day on the discovery channel. it’s pretty sweet but it makes me think about stuff.

as much as i love new technology…

feel the need to have every new gadget…

spend too much time on my laptop…

i’m wondering if really are ready for the future and what it will bring? as we become more reliant on technology and let it take over more of the running of our lives will we give too much up? what will this do to our ego and image of the world? will we think we are the masters and gods? will we trust chips and technicians to save us from all of our problems and ills? how will satan and evil use all new technology for its own ends

what will happen to our view of God, faith, community and hope? will many think they are too smart for faith in God and his word when technology seems to cover all the bases?

i wonder, i’m a bit scared but i know God is bigger than it all.

so let’s use the technology we can to communicate the God who is over and above it all! we must speak to our students and their families to give them the kind of worldview that can discover, discern, decide and develop a Christ-like ways to respond and live!

pax: ty


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