u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

on the edge


so am i getting what dawn has or not?

i’m home missing undertow tonight because i felt horrible this afternoon. i went to the gym and worked out hard and when i got home it was like a wave of yuck that rolled over me. i thought maybe i would bypass what happened to dawn, since she’s been sick for two weeks and all i’ve had is a runny nose for a day or two. but now i’m not sure what’s happening. it could be that i worked out too hard since it’s been about a week since i’ve run. it could be just something i ate that set me off. i’m not sure yet, but i’m hoping it’s nothing long term.

so now i’m crashing in the basement and watching the history channel. not a bad night except i wish i was with the students at undertow and i don’t want to be down here sick for a week or more like everyone else who gets this bug.

so i’m on the edge hoping not to go crashing over. a prayer or two for dawn and my health would be appreciated.

pax: ty



One Response to “on the edge”

  1. Hope you guys feel better soon…you need to help us move on Saturday!

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