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lemonjello’s • soccer • softball • lunches • klompen dancing


so what do these words above have in common?

they are the places where students are and where i need to spend a big chunk of my time. too often i forget that fact because i’m caught up trying to deliver better events and meetings. then i sit in a worship service and see a multitude of students who i’ve lost relationship with because they are to busy or too stressed to come to what we are programing and i’m too busy developing and running the events and meetings they don’t have the time or interest to come to anymore. kind of a vicious circle, wouldn’t you say?

then i get sad and disappointed, doubt myself and my calling and wonder if the students don’t like me anymore. wow, what a mess!
then i realize, i [and other caring adults] need to get to them, out into their world and lives, not the other way around. typically students what us there, love to know they mean something to us and are excited to know people genuinely care about what they do. duh!

i know we’re not about program for program’s sake, but some friends [who are co-workers] reminded me today that you can either program great ministry events for students who aren’t showing up or you can show up at events where students are and build great relationships. that is ministry!

i’m glad harderwyk is the kind of church with the type of leaders that understands this and spurs me on to do what it takes. don’t scrap the programmatic, but invest in the relational. don’t forget you have an office but realize your office includes the basketball court, athletic fields, lunch rooms, concert halls and corner coffee house.

thanks guys! anyone else wanna come along for the ride? the pizza and coffee are free!

pax: ty



One Response to “lemonjello’s • soccer • softball • lunches • klompen dancing”

  1. Ty;

    Thanks for the great reminder. Too often I’m in my office. I need to get my rear end out to the soccer field, coffee shop, etc. I just find it’s a lot easier to do when it’s sunny outside.


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