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liquid • portable ministry


there was a book a few years back from a british youth pastor, pete ward, called liquid church. the concept was that church is where christians are and what christians do with intention wherever they are. in my mind that means as youth ministers, we take Christ’s presence to them, make our ministry portable.

so, if one of the shifts in youth ministry needs to regain a presence in the public square where students are, what do we need to do to be there a chunk of our time yet stay on top of the other demands?

i’m trying to think about this practically technologically, spiritually, relationally, institutionally, so forgive the mad ramblings below…


  • seeking “buy-in” by the church leadership
  • seeking “buy-in” by the parents that you’re out of the office and into their kids world
  • communication of this paradigm shift to the church
  • educating church leadership and parents on youth ministry shifts and thinking


  • praying over where kids meet
  • becoming a listener first
  • being able to speak biblically and theologically to the situations you encounter when invited or prompted by the Spirit
  • asking for ways you can pray for students, teachers, parents and those you encounter “out there”
  • seeking ministry moments and praying for opportunities


  • connecting to students at their events without being “that guy” and having students cringe or run
  • intentionally meeting students friendship networks
  • connecting with other youth workers to be seen together events
  • create safe, fun, low key, relational space events IN THEIR WORLD for students to bring friends to so THEY can do the work of ministry


  • what tools would you need to stay on top of it all from outside your office?
    • laptop
      • facebook
      • msn, aim, yahoo messenger
      • blog
      • myspace
      • xanga
      • you tube
    • pda
    • cell
    • digital camera and video
    • wireless card
  • how do you stay connected to and communicate to the church and families?
    • published calendars and schedule
    • blog
    • church bulletin board
    • student ministries newsletter
    • regular video clips of ministry happenings
    • success stories made public
    • church secretary knowing where you are and how to get in touch with you
    • regular contact back to the church secretary to keep
  • what tools keep you connected to youth ministry thinking?

so what is stopping us?

where would you go? is it just to school and coffee houses?

how can we challenge each other and work with each other?

for me this is the easiest time of the year to start because formal ministry starts to wind down. the challenge will be to keep this kind of liquid • portable ministry happening in the fall and winter when the demands of institutional church ministry seems to loom. we can’t throw out all that kind of ministry but can we minimize prep time for the low attendance stuff at church to maximize the high impact stuff in their world?

your comments or thoughts? what am i missing? where am i off base? what needs to change?

pax: ty



2 Responses to “liquid • portable ministry”

  1. Hi Ty,
    I’ve been reading a lot in the the gospels over that past couple of months. Jesus’s idea of church was definately “liquid”. He moved around and placed himself out in the middle of the people. He never fit in! He continued to seek his Father, and then went out, loved people, healed and delivered people and proclaimed the “Kingdom” of God. If the church becomes liquid just to “fit in” or look like and act like the “world” nothing will change. People are searching and most are not coming into our “buildings”. I believe Gods people need to once again discover what it really means to seek the kingdom of God. and to live like it. What is the “kingdom”??? If Jesus’ coming was for this purpose. I’m not sure we “I” truly understand this.
    I’ts pretty clear the mandate we’ve been given “GO”! We have Christ in us through the Holy Spirit. Power and authority is given to all who believe. Why are we wimpy and wondering all the time? Just some thoughts. My prayers are with you Ty!
    Love in Jesus,
    Vickie b.

  2. i would agree with the idea of the Christ moving in a liquid way. the thing with water is that it has a purpose and is always moving…it is directed by things around it but indeed it has its point of origin and its final destination. culture i guess would be the path way in which the water runs. the pastor i used to work for Alex Himaya once said, (probablyl stolen form another pastor) that being flexible is not enough..because at some point you will break…but to be fluid means consitancy and a always moving forward drive. just a few thoughts. i like what you have to say. flesh it out a little more

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