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less is more?



so if what we are doing in high school ministry leaves us with an empty youth room far too often, i’m wondering if by programing less and connecting individually or in small friendship clusters more on their turf, we will have a better impact and Christ-like influence with them?  will less become more when it comes to ministry with and to high school students?they are busy, stressed and over-committed.  we are busy, stressed and trying too hard to have the right events for our calendar.

so why should i attempt something in ministry that goes against how they live and makes me stressed and it impossible in their schedules?

so less is more might mean backing off on the number of formal meetings in order to share life together more in the meaningful informal times where they are, in their world.  less is more might mean getting together a couple of times a month as a group for worship or serving or a big fun events, but then leaving the bulk of the talking and challenging times to when you’re together over coffee or at lunch.  again, kinda back to the relational heart and roots of youth ministry.

less is more also means that i have more time with kids instead of investing all this time in the office on lessons at our meetings that kids aren’t coming too.  and i know this but i have to experience the truth of it sometimes to make me realize it again.  like today:  i spent time with two groups of my senior girls for lunch and had some great conversations and realized how amazing they all are.  it also reminded me that it’s not that they don’t like me or youth group.  it’s easy to get down on myself thinking that they don’t come because i’m a loser or the things we do don’t mean anything.  they just don’t have time, don’t have a free moment, but love hanging out and love that we care about them and their lives!  so the lunches, the sports events and all of those relational moments, do mean a lot and do allow us to reconnect and make an impact.  duh!

so there we go, next year’s planning will be half as much an more realistic.  more time with them and less time waiting for them to come to us.

less is the new more!

pax:  ty



2 Responses to “less is more?”

  1. Relational ministry … sounds kinda Young Lifeish (I just made up a word ’cause I needed an adjective). Anyway, I think kids need both informal relational time and formal instructional time, but in my experience the personal shared time is the most important. That’s when they can really feel the love. You’re gonna need a lot of people on your team to help though. There’s only so much of Ty and so many kids!

  2. Ty;

    Great thoughts. I would love to see what that schedule looks like. Personally, I struggle with the feelings you mentioned about feeling like high school kids don’t like us when they don’t attend the gatherings that we have. My heart sinks when I don’t see them on a Wednesday night or at another event. I always get a little nervous when I ask them why they didn’t come – I think they are going to say things like I really don’t like what you are teaching, the gatherings are boring, etc. But rarely do I get that. What they say instead is I had a boatload of homework, afterschool practice, I had to work, etc. Then they say things like I really want to be there but I just can’t. My schedule doesn’t allow it, etc. But I really like you guys.

    So, my question is the same is yours. How can we best connect with high school students? The truth is this is a high school problem, and specifically a upper class, juniors and seniors, problem. I see freshmen and sophmores coming, until they get their licesne, and then they are gone. So what do we do? I love the conversation you are having Ty.

    Also, when are we goingt o cook hotdogs at tullip time?


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