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liveCHRIST and rightside up


so, as i’m thinking about changes to youth ministry, i’m thinking about our mission•vision again of liveCHRIST.

how does liveCHRIST play out in our daily lives? sharing our lives in Christ may be more of the direction that we head with high school students.

1 Thessalonians 2:8 We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.

when the gospel is so ingrained in us and wrapped up in us then that is a beginning of what liveCHRIST means to me. incarnational living. so this will be the work of engaging students IN everyday life. meaning where they live in their world.  helping them and ourselves evaluate and redeem the normal routines stuff of our lives. living as Christ lived, living as someone who has the fruits of the Holy Spirit living in us. it ranges from simple acts of kindness and joy to deeper acts of theology to help someone discern how God loves us and forgives us.

question: is seeing a trash can knocked over at the gas station and going over and putting it back where it belongs liveCHRIST?

because i’m thinking sometimes those are the first steps.  it’s like the commercial that is on right now that is similar to the movie pay it forward.  people helping people.  i’m thinking those first simple steps to right a  wrong or fix something can be the way forward for students seeking to liveCHRIST.

one of my hero’s, rev. tony van zanten, from roseland, always used to talk about Christ’s redemptive work in trying to turn the things that were upside down back rightside up.  that houses were created to be lived in and so to redeem them they must be restored and given to a family.  satan loves to turn the good of sex into the perversions that hurt and destroy so Christ needs to come in to heal and restore and turn them rightside up again.

so a life that seeks to liveCHRIST then seeks to have us identify the upside down things and work to put them back rightside up.  that means everything from a tipped over trash can to a tipped over marriage to a tipped over life because of sex, drugs or neglect.

slowly the ideas are coming and slowly we’ll keep figuring out how to minister to students and liveCHRIST with them.

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