u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

in the same [life]boat


another day, another great conversation. in a matter of speaking that is.

great in the sense that it was some more confirmation that what we are seeing in our youth ministry isn’t an isolated event.  less kids coming out, less commitment from parents, more busyness in students lives, are all happening in more and more churches. it means that we can put our heads together and dream and pray and find what will work. it means that all of us can check out ego’s at the door and work together!

not so great in the sense that it is happening everywhere too. i wish that a growing number of us youth pastors were not in he same boat, but it’s comforting to know we’re in this together.  it’s a shame that are cultures seems to be so overwhelming and invasive in the lives of our students and their families.  these cultural norms of busyness, detachment, stress, competition and consumerism are the rules playing field we all must minister in.

our hope and confidence is that a life in Christ a life that seeks to lifeCHRIST does make a difference, does give us a hope and a purpose and these things are what we are trying to help students discover and own for themselves.

another day, another opportunity, another chance to be Christ’s servants.

pax:  ty


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