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liveCHRIST isn’t “nice”


in the continuing saga to think about what it means to liveCHRIST in the world we live in and our culture, another thought came to mine.  i heard a song this morning by a band named arcade fire that talks about the hypocrisy of Christians and how they don’t follow “The Word” but their own word.  ouch!  it attacks the life of joe simpson, former preacher and youth pastor and father of jessica and ashley simpson. it wonders how someone who was a pastor can seem to throw it all away so his daughters can be superstars in pop culture. interesting.

and so it gets me thinking, if we want to impact people [our neighbors, friends, family, and those we come in contact with] for Christ, we have to follow the gospel and word of Christ.  it’s not about being “nice” people it’s about bring real, authentic Christ followers who don’t sell out and who aren’t hypocrites.

i don’t know if joe is a hypocrite, but i know what this band is talking about.  if there are so many people who are Christians and are supposed to be living it, then why is the divorce rate just as high in the church? why do so many Christians  still struggle with  consumerism, drug and alcohol abuse and get wrapped up in sexual sins? is it because we think we can handle it and it won’t affect us? do we think that satan’s a joke and we can do what we want? do we think we can believe in Christ but still live a life that we choose to?  i think that’s what the band is speaking about and that our friends, neighbors and the world around us see all to often when it comes to Christians and “religious folk”.

we can have an impact by being genuine, open, honest and faithful in the way we live our lives. we don’t have to try to be “nice” because nice can sometimes be ingenuine and just on the surface.  is nice the real you God made? i don’t think God didn’t make us “nice” he makes us passionate, honest, gives us gifts and interests and wants us to move deeper in how we live for and with him alongside the people he’s placed us near in his world.

so lets go out in our world and see where liveCHRIST can have impact and continue to be tied to Christ so he can continue to have impact in us. it doesn’t have to be loud, flashy, showy and be on a grand scale, but it should be something God is speaking into your heart and try to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

lets let Christ speak through us and we don’t even have to use words.  let our lives speak, but our entire lives.  not one public life, one private life, one faith life.  just one life all given over to Christ! and i’m preaching to myself too, btw!

and it’s ok to be a nice person, but not nice at the expense of honest and genuine. and it’s ok to pray for joe, ashley and jessica too!

pax: ty



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