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musical wayback machine


it’s amazing how hearing a song can transport you to another time and place from your past. what a great power!

just listening to…

  • the indigo girls or james taylor reminds me of camp henry summers listening to penning’s cd and jon playing his guitar.
  • “space age love song” by flock of seagulls reminds me of tiffany who i was to scared to ask out in high school.
  • a little strawberry switchblade’s “since yesterday” brings me immediately to dave, mike and i driving to big bear singing at the top of our lungs.
  • “only one” by james taylor will forever be dawn’s song!
  • beach boys “be true to your school” is some of the first “cool” music i remember listening to at brian devries’ house and thinking his older brother dave is so cool because he’s got surf music. right after that we tore down the curtains in the room because we were wrestling and his mom tore us a new one!
  • michelle tumes “oh come all ye faithful” and willow creek’s “my glorious” are some of the most powerful faith and worship moments i’ve ever. it just happened to be amongst huge crowds of youth workers in denver and chicago.
  • i could go on, but will spare you. but it’s a fun trip down memory lane.

wow, the power of memory and music! smells seem to work too.

so props to mr. peabody and sherman for the wayback machine! if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you’ve under 30.

so any song memories you have?

pax: Ty


One Response to “musical wayback machine”

  1. There are two songs that always take me back to where I was when they came out. One was MacArthur Park sung by actor Richard Harris. It was so different, that the feeling of that song, with it’s lyrics “someone left the cake out in the rain” take me right back to my trip to Europe as a French student on summer vacation.

    The other Starting Over, makes me relive the devestating week where we were given John Lennon’s wonderful new music after a five year absence, and then seen the voice of our era stolen from us by a creepy fame seeking malignant malformed being. I have trouble even listening to it because the anguish comes back with Katrina like strength, except the energy is great sadness.

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