u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

st. paddy


so how did it happen that the celebration of the gospel coming to ireland turned into a reason to get tanked?

i’m in gr at the moment and many of the bars up here have kegs and eggs for breakfast to celebrate st. patrick’s day. strange!

it just seems like another way in which our culture tries to turn anything with spiritual significance upside down. i’m not trying to be a curmudgeon here, i love a good beer and a corned beef sandwich or reuben is about the best! but it’s fascinates me more and more how things spiritual become more and more secularized. christmas, easter and other christian holidays came out of non-christian pagan traditions that the church redeemed. now they seem to becoming reclaimed again by the culture for it’s own purposes and marketing. days like st. paddy’s day are our chance to liveCHRIST and try and turn things back over to the way God intended them.

imagine the conversations we might be able to have today. not against the day, but as a gentle reminder of the roots of the holiday and the challenges we have as christians. so liveCHRIST today and every day. and seek to reclaim and redeem what good gifts God has given us. the gospel is a much more powerful and wonderful thing than we value it at most times. that’s really unfortunate.

[not that a pint of guinness is a bad thing]

pax: ty


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