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nema cafe’


in an effort to raise funds for our missions here at harderwyk , i’m in the middle of setting up our commercial espresso machine in the lobby of the church. we’ve been using it for the last few years with youth ministry, but now we are going to copycat an idea from several area churches.

since so many people stroll in on sunday morning with a cup o’ joe from starbucks or beaners, we might as well pick up on the trend and raise support for our mission trips and service projects.  so starting this sunday, if i can figure things out, you’ll be able to get a tall, skinny, half caf, double shot, extra hot mocha on your way into watershed!

we’re calling it nema cafe’.  why nema?  it’s amen spelled backward and has absolutely no significance other than being a cool name! [in my opinion]

pax: ty



2 Responses to “nema cafe’”

  1. You can drop some samples of your coffee drinks over to the office here…I like vanilla lattes (skim milk)!

  2. Have fun with that…our church has raised thousands (for Missions) with a coffee bar…but it is a lot of work…youth used to run it…but now it is overseen by people who devote 25+ hours a week to it…

    “nema” cool stuff…

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