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the ultimate job!


there are days when i’m planning stuff for our ministry where i start to daydream about the ultimate youth ministry job.  while i don’t think i could work for a better or more flexible church, there are still things you wish you didn’t have to mess with in your job so that you could do only the things you wanted to.  at least i do.

my daydream looks something like this…

most of our ministry revolves around outdoor and experiential activities.  we have a lot of students connected to the church though our small groups, midweek discipleship time and large group, but we really shine when it comes to our trips and experieances! most of our trips are smaller numbers so you can really get to know each other and go deeper.  we have enough equipment to take any 12 students out on a trip at any given moment.  so that means a couple of vans, trailer, and enough gear for backpacking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, snow showing or rafting.  trips go throughout the year and range from the sierra mountains of california to the puget sound off seattle to the colorado rockies to the smokey mountains of north carolina to the boundary waters in minnesota.

besides the trips we also have a regular ministry with the church at roseland and go there twice a year and then team up with roseland’s youth group twice a year to do a service or mission project somewhere else either in the u.s. or internationally. our monthly worship time would be together with another local church or two and students would be really into worship and spending time in prayer.  i would also have an unlimited budget for taking kids out to lunch every single day but the willpower to not eat with them because i’m already way over the tonnage that i should be! every time there is a community event [high school sports, tulip time, 4th of july, parades or whatever] a bunch of the youth pastors would be there with our mobile food trailer serving up dinner and hanging out with all kinds of new students.

i also get to work a couple of weeks a summer as a camp chaplain too!

all this would be done with plenty of time to make my marriage to dawn my main priority and have time left over for personal retreat time with God and all the hobbies i wanted along with hanging out with friends doing whatever we wanted to. by the way, dawn and i would live in a log home on a small lake with a golden retriever and i would have a sweet jeep!  so now this has turned from dream to fantasy, sorry!

but all things are possible, right?

pax:  ty


One Response to “the ultimate job!”

  1. Dude…sounds awesome…just today I was thinking about what I could do…to make my life more like your dream…

    It may be fantasy…but it is born from the heart of God to love kids…

    God Bless…

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