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reading churchrelevance.com this morning i came across the following stats from the barna group about unchurched people and groups…

According to results from a recent survey conducted by The Barna Group:

  • 33% (almost 100 million) of adults in the United States are unchurched, meaning they have not attended a religious service of any type during the past six months

Who is unchurched?

  • 63% Asians
  • 49% homosexuals
  • 47% political liberals
  • 37% single adults
  • 34% Hispanics
  • 32% Whites
  • 31% heterosexuals
  • 29% married adults
  • 25% African Americans
  • 19% political conservatives

Which of these groups is your church trying to reach?

this makes me start to wonder about reaching out in our ministry. this list doesn’t even show the numbers of students that might be unchurched.

right now part of my focus has been working, wondering, fretting about keeping out “churched” kids connected.  i think my intent has been a good one because it seeks to have them really live out the faith that they have grown up with and make it their own. [liveCHRIST]  the stats that you see show that so many of these “churched” students walk away from the church and faith by the time that they are 18.

but with all this focus on keeping our “churched” kids coming, it’s easy to forget the staggering numbers of students in our area that have no connection to Christ and have no idea that there is a better way to live and experiance joy.  we have hundreds of middle and high school students coming to our anchor building and there has been slow but intentional outreach to them over the year.  much of it focuses on their current life situation because so many have really tough home lives.  my prayer is that God will show us how to make spiritual connections with them so that we can share the joy and hope that comes in Jesus Christ.  that it’s not about heaven someday, but about real life now.

the dream would be that the “churched” students would be Christ to the unchurched, but i haven’t figured out a way for that to happen yet.  it feels like the “churched” don’t have time for Christ and aren’t willing to reach past their small tribe of friends to even start building relationships with other students.  the unchurched may be willing to hear, but are us old guys the best ones to do present the message.  it doesn’t mean we don’t, but it think it would be more affective from their peers.

so what will this kind of ministry look like and is it feasible?


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One Response to “unchurched”

  1. Thanks for the relevant post (and the Barna stats). There’s a world perishing out there. We need to proclaim the good news.

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