u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!



just a few hours away from the controlled chaos known at the function!  it’s our monthly celebration of middle school exuberance. [ie: dancing • pizza • video games • karaoke • open gym • guitar hero • caffeine • and more]

each month we have over 300 middle schoolers here to hang out with their friends and see that a church can be more than what they would normally expect.  it’s also 25 adults and a few reserve sheriff deputies trying to stay one step ahead of 300 middle schoolers.  it’s even gotten to the point where we usually sell out of tickets and have to turn away over 100 students.

i think the function has contributed to my ever growing hair loss but also to a sense that we are doing something positive and good for the students in our community.  if this can be a first chance for these impressionable middle schoolers to a church and it’s a fun and positive one, then we have the opportunity to help them bridge into the other ministries in our church or other churches in town.

so, if you’re a praying person, keep the function in your prayers that we’ll have chances to connect with students and help them find their first steps into a life with Christ.  also pray that the clean-up doesn’t take too long!

pax:  ty



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