u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!



ok, it’s 2 am and being sleepless wouldn’t be so bad if…

  • there was something interesting on tv
  • our couch was a little longer and more comfortable
  • i wasn’t worrying myself because i’m having chest pains and night sweats

i would say this probably happens about twice a year and it drives me nuts. up late and worrying because of the intermittent chest pains, to the point i give myself the sweats. not fun!

and then i promise myself that tomorrow i’ll eat better and exercise more. man i wish i had the will power to do both of those things. maybe i shouldn’t have bought a house so close to captain sundae!

pax: ty



2 Responses to “sleepless”

  1. Ty,
    Sounds like you might have sleep apnea. Greg does and had some of these symptoms. Doesn’t your Dad have apnea too?
    Hope you feel better.
    Your cuz,Sherry

  2. I get little chest pains from time to time as well . . . but it’s generally connected to how stressed out I am! Try a shot of something strong . . . ha ha . . . whatever it takes to chill out a bit.

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