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what is competition?

 i love doing stuff together in youth ministry!  retreats, worship times, service projects, tailgate parties, youth pastors hanging out.  all of that fires me up.

i think it’s important for students to see the body of Christ working together, caring for each other and realizing it’s not about us, not about our church, but it’s about God’s kingdom.  when they see us youth pastors at events together and hanging out together, i think it communicates some very good things to them.

where is struggle sometimes is with overlap and determining how best to work together and how to not try and invade what another ministry is trying to do. i may not get this right sometimes too so i’m trying not to be critical, but i’ve heard about another ministry coming to the christian middle schools.

i believe in this ministry and what they seek to do in the name of Christ.  i think they have great opportunities for kids and develop great relationships. however, why the christian school?  i’m not naive enough to think that all the kids at a christian school are saved, but they are all connected to a church and the majority of churches have a ministry to reach middle schoolers. maybe i’m wrong, but it feels like a ministry that is outside the normal structure of a church has more freedom and flexibility to how they minister than a youth ministry in a church. which in my mind can feel like then we are on an uneven playing field when it comes to what will be attractional and what will be relational with students.

so what is competition in youth ministry?  what does working together look like? how do we prefer the other ministry when it may impact out own? how to we keep a kingdom perspective and not fight each other? how do we reach the students everyone else overlooks? why should i care, am i insecure?

i don’t know the answers, i’m not trying to be critical, because one of my core values is a “kingdom” value.  i’m just trying to process this.  maybe my blog isn’t the best place for this kind of processing, but since i don’t journal any more, and i would like others input, here it is for people to see.

any ideas?

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