u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

change of pace


the change of pace with the last few days has been very good. sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling like same life • different day. like not much changes. but the last few days has been a nice way to mix things up.

going up north to trent and rockett’s cabin was a great time with the men! completely relaxing and fun and it had been way to long since i had gotten away with the guys. then the last few days around here have been slower because of spring break so we’ve gotten some clean-up projects started. yesterday i spent about 3 hours in the woods falling some dead trees and cutting them up. today before the rain we split some of the logs and now are waiting for the rain to pass.

it’s good to mix things up!

but in all of this, i realized that the one constant that would keep me a bit more centered has been lacking. that’s just time with God, time as his child, time taking to him. because life can get to day to day, too repetitive, too boring if there is no purpose to it. and i’ve realized that without the connection with God, there really isn’t much purpose. if we aren’t talking with God about what’s going on in our day and listening to God about what he wants us to know and take advantage of around us.

so there we go, mixing it up: good. connecting to God: best!

pax: ty



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