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in His grip, thankfully!

wintery spring cleaning


so everyone is in the same mood with the weather the way it is. talking around the table at coffee break this morning, most of the staff feels down and bummed because of the gloomy weather. efficiency is way down so i figured i would do my spring [yeah right] cleaning today.

there are numerous places here in our youth building were stuff accumulates, gets put away wrong and it finally builds up to where you can’t find anything.  so a few times a year i need to just grab some storage containers and trash cans and start the process.

part of it is being organized, part cathartic, part just keeps your mind off of other things.

so the iPod is plugged in and it’s cleanin time.

we’ll see the sun again someday, right?

pax: ty



One Response to “wintery spring cleaning”

  1. For some reason, I was reminded of it being Good Friday, and Easter around the corner as I read your latest entry (maybe the weather, the attitudes of people and the gloomyness helped out some), and thought of Tony Campolo’s phrase…’Its Friday night, but Sundays coming!!!”

    We’ll see the sun again sometime soon, of this I am sure!

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