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will someone please say no!


life and behavior is getting more and more ridiculous by the day!

what am i talking about? the secret but not so secret life my students and their friends are living.  maybe it’s just that i’m really sensitive to it right now because everyone is home from spring break and posting pictures. maybe i shouldn’t have a facebook or xanga, but seeing some of the garbage that kids are getting involved with and the exuberance that they show in how deep they go is really getting me worried, freaked and a bit pissed off.

i don’t want to be judgmental, i don’t want to be hypocritical, i don’t want to lose the right to be heard, but something has to change. someone [parents, youth leaders, friends] has to say “no” to all the behaviors that are going on in so many kids lives. there is a line, there is truth, there are things that just aren’t right!

as i seen a number of kids pictures after spring break, it really concerns me the growing number of students jumping into self destructive and sinful behavior with both feet and thinking nothing about it.  drinking, smoking, sex, dirty dancing, language, how they dress and so on.  it’s unbelievable.

how do we say “no” in a way that still shows that we love them.  that they matter to us but that will wake them up. some things are just wrong and have nothing to do with living a Christian life or making Christ a priority.  can we really call ourselves Christian when it’s nothing more than a passing thought?  i’m speaking to myself here to sometimes.  i’m far from a saint and yet i know this is gnawing at me more and more. it breaks my heart to see the shallow and pointless behaviors and know underneath there has to be a yearning for so much more. more love, more meaning, more hope in their lives but they don’t realize that this won’t get them there but just hurt more in the future.

i realize this isn’t all of our students, maybe just a very small percentage, but it freaks me out all the same.

so do we just walk up and say “no”?  come on parents, youth leaders, teachers and fellow Christians, let show them and call them to liveCHRIST!

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3 Responses to “will someone please say no!”

  1. Kids do what kids see. They don’t dream stuff up all on their own (well, not most of it). And by the way … it’s more than just a few of them. They see it on the news. They see it on cable programming. They see it in the movies. They read about it in magazines. They hear about it in their music. Media is owned by the “older” generation which profits from influencing the younger generation. All the “adults” are out chasing money so that they can get more “stuff” and have a “better” life. “The church” for the most part doesn’t preach about sin and Hell. Kids hear about the free “gift”, but somehow we miss telling them about the “wages of sin”. I know you read Barna. What would cause things to be any different than they are? I don’t think that the problem is the kids. I think that they are the evidence that a problem exists elsewhere and is just bleeding down. Wow. I surely use a lot of quotes! Anyway … wanna buy a skating rink?

  2. I agree that the behavior demonstrated by many teens is a reflection of the environment they are a part of and live in. However, do we really want to reduce the human race to “monkey see, monkey do?” I want to believe that teens can be challenged to a different level of living. I have to believe that because this is not how God intended life to be lived, that a student can rise above the world’s vision of life. The question becomes – how are they challenged? More rules – probably not. Someone actually enforcing the rules – never seems to work all that well. What about more grace – real grace – amazing grace – God size grace. A communication of grace that changes hearts which is what ultimately changes behaviors. Just a thought.

  3. I have the same response when I watch what’s on MTV and even “casual” reality shows. I blogged a similar response a couple years ago: It really feels like we’re fighting an uphill battle.

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