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age old dilemma

every generation seems to need to learn things for themselves.  the wisdom that we gain doesn’t usually seem to be passed on well to the next generation as much as we try to share what we learned with them.  the age old dilemma is that the lessons we learned the hard way seem to have to be learned the hard way by the next group of young people that come along.

i would love to spare any of these students the pain, and misery that i’ve gone through because of the stupid choices i’ve made in my life.  we can love them and share with them, but they are the ones that have to choose their path and all too often they will feel that same hurt because they needed to know for themselves.

i was thinking this morning about this and the ideas of heaven and hell, life and death came to mind.  the choices we make lead us down certain roads and those roads lead to life or death, heaven or hell.  not just in the life to come, but in life right now.  Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest, not just with God someday, but in life right now.

i just want the kids to not have to get trapped in the hell that lives all around them and is all too happy to suck them in.  because ultimately that’s where the roads of sex, partying, booze and drugs lead.  we all know it, but too many want to make sure for themselves.

what my friend skips suggest is that we show them radical Christ-like grace as the better way. what do you think?

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