u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

new tent


i’m getting excited. yesterday i got a new tent in the mail, tomorrow i get my gps back!  why the excitement?  because i’m planning and getting ready for a summer backpacking trip with my students.

i think the planning and prep are sometimes just as fun as the trip itself.  tuesday i leave for a scouting trip to north carolina to check out the appalachian trail.  i’m pretty pumped, but more on that tomorrow!

for now, i’m excited about my camping toys [maps, tents, gps, etc.]

wow dawn got herself a nerdy man in more ways than one!

pax: ty



3 Responses to “new tent”

  1. You may be nerdy in your own little ways . . . but I lived with Dawn, and can attest to her nerdiness as well! So, that makes two of you!

  2. Steve and I were cruising right next to you and Dawn this afternoon all the way from 8th & River down past the city sewer plant and then up to Howard Ave. We waved and made faces, (our horn doesn’t work) but you guys seemed to be in a real relaxed kind of “zone” or something. It was a beautiful day for pretty much anything. Hope you guys are doing well!
    I new tent would not excite me much……a night at a Holiday Inn would be more to my liking. Enjoy!!! I appreciate you!!!
    vickie b.

  3. Nice tent Ty. Hey, I’m finally back to the blogging world after some time off. I saw you the other day. It was pretty funny because I saw this big green truck with a christmas wreath on the front, and I thought the guy in the truck was pretty funny to have that on his truck in April – then I realized it was you. Probably your way of laughing at the crudy weather we have had the last few weeks. Why did we leave California?


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