u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

it’s a gift


ok deloy, you wanted a good post, here you go.

so today i woke up and realized my schedule was completely open.  jr. high group [undertow] is finished with weekly meetings for the seasons. there was no staff leadership team this morning and no appointments at all.

so, with the weather being nice this morning and feeling the need to do manly things, i went out and rented a wood chipper to clean out some of the woods behind the anchor. did i mention that i’m pretty good at getting into clumsy accidents and hurting myself?
so any guesses to what happened next?

as i’m  putting logs and branches into the chipper i wasn’t paying enough attention and one of the logs jumps in the rollers and clocks me good and hard under the jaw.  i didn’t pass out but it hit hard and left me pretty stunned for a few minutes.  the pain was pretty intense for awhile.

so now after getting home from the doctor,  i’m sitting on the couch with some advil in me and a cold pack across my chin. i decided it was a good idea to make sure i didn’t have a concussion or break my jaw.  neither happened but the doctor said it is bruised pretty good and will take a number of days for things to get back to normal.  it doesn’t hurt too bad but i can’t quite close my mouth normally and don’t want to try to chew anything yet. lunch was a chocolate shake and dinner might be instant stuffing or soup!

i’m proud to say that norlyn and i finished up all the chipping [another 2 hours after the “incident”] and i even hopped in the hot tub for a bit before i could get in at the doctors.  besides the annoyance and pain, the biggest thing that i don’t like is that i tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac and was thinking the worst all morning while we finished the chipping.

if something ever serious happens to me in an accident or illness, i’m going to freak! however on the upside, i might lose some weight if i can’t eat much this week. plus i’m thankful God was watching over me so it wasn’t any worse.

pax: ty



2 Responses to “it’s a gift”

  1. this is a good excuse to have your new bride take care of you – milk this one, baby!

  2. dude, thanks for the post but you didn’t have to go and have an “incident” just to get some material …

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