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got gear?


i don’t know how many people read this blog, but i thought i would put out a request for my youth group and see what happens.

i’ve always wanted to be able have enough camping, fishing, cannoning/kayaking equipment to take groups of 10 to 12 on trips.

there are a number of trips i’m taking this summer with the students in my youth groups. these are camping/rafting in central michigan and backpacking on the appalachian trail. many of the students don’t own their own gear so i’m trying to collect gear to for them. we are looking for…

  • sleeping bags and pads
  • backpacks
  • tents
  • ice chests
  • cooking/coleman stoves and cooking gear
  • lanterns and flashlights
  • water purification and water containers
  • fishing poles and tackle
  • canoes and kayaks
  • canoe/kayaking gear [paddles, life vests]
  • misc. camping gear

in return for the donated gear, we can offer you a donation receipt for the value of the gear for your taxes.

interested? please email me at chap@harderwyk.com and we can make arrangements to get the gear. thanks for thinking about this!

pax: ty


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