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do the people at church care?


i’m sitting in a seminar right now about the church and it’s relationship to students and the main pint that is coming up is this…

faith and connection will be made between students and Christ and students and the church


the adults in the church care, take interest in, and pass on and develop their faith together!

it’s not just the job of youth pastors and a few staff members. for a deep and lasting connect for our students to a deeper faith and discovering their place in the body of Christ, they must feel valued, cared for and important by the entire congregation. i get paid to care [not quite true, but there is that perception], but what lasts is when numerous people in the congregation know and engage students in real and long term relationships.

i wonder what grade our church would get in that area. i know our kids ask why we don’t have many adult youth leaders and notice quite a bit when the few we have can’t make a meeting. they want to be cared about, they want to be valued, they want to have importance and even just want to be noticed!

do we notice the kids? or is it just when there is a problem, mess or a spill? do our students feel loved by their church or even feel like it’s their church?

i know i can even fall into that trap when it comes to the kids that come to the anchor. they are all valued and have amazing worth and something to offer. i need to work at helping our church see the students around them and take the time to include and love them along the way. i [we] have work to do!

pax: ty

ps. i think i’ve seen it work well in my wife’s former church and should have a conversation with them about it.


One Response to “do the people at church care?”

  1. hmmm…you’ve got me thinking!

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