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the hospital


i haven’t had to make too many hospital visits as part of my ministry the past, but yesterday and today i’ve been out to holland hospital twice to visit a friend and her husband as she’s there waiting for surgery.

although i’ve tended to shy away from the hospital [fear of illness and dislike of blood], i think it’s something i want to be more on top of when it comes to students and people from church. why? i know i would hate be there with a combination boredom and anxiety and then not have anyone stop by to visit. that would be tough to handle.

i haven’t had many students in the hospital, but i think when it comes to visitation, it would be a good thing to broaden my horizons and reach out to more people in the congregation. it’s just a matter of loving people and showing them that we care and they matter. to liveCHRIST is to visit the sick, lonely and scared.

just a thought…

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2 Responses to “the hospital”

  1. As someone who is currently experiencing sickness (although I’m not in the hospital – just stuck in my house), I would encourage you to do more of that! I have been so immensly blessed by my church family: the meals, emails, blog comments, cards, visits, prayers . . . I don’t know where our family would be without them!

    As soon as I’m better, it is my goal as well to be a blessing to others by returning the blessings I’ve received.

  2. Thanks for the visit…good thing I wasn’t contagious!

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