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taking risks


a friend of mine is embarking on a life change and a risk in the next few months.  something life changing and exciting.  the kind of thing that keeps the blood pumping and life interesting.so i’m thinking to myself, how do we take risks in a life changing way while being able to stay in the same place where God has planted you at this time in life?

so risk while stationary [at least living situation]. is this possible?

because the trust, dependence and reliance on God in times of risk stretch and grow our faith in good ways. ways that are needed from becoming stagnant and monotonous in our faith.

i think i need a good stretching, but i know i’m still called to be here in holland @ harderwyk and love where i am and what i’m doing.

how do i make the indiana jones “leap of faith” in life without uprooting everything?


i’m looking more for freshness and perspective and growth. i’m talking more about shaking up my faith live, my outlook, the level of my “soldoutness” to Christ and livingCHRIST than changing the location of my life.


pax: ty


2 Responses to “taking risks”

  1. is it possible to take risks and stay where God has called you? TOTALLY! in fact, i think it’s harder to take risks in the place where you are…because that becomes a daily opportunity — hmmm, lots to think about…

  2. I’m with Kendra: Seek out little daily leaps of faith and go for it. The risk I’m most afraid to take is one that might embarrass me, but these are usually the best opportunities for growth.

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