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strange and amazing


it’s almost 11:30 and i just ordered and shipped a wedding present online.think about that. i can be sitting in my living room this late at night and order a wedding present and have it shipped. for that matter, i can get just about anything shipped anywhere on the globe and all i need is this laptop and a credit card.

not that long ago that would have been unthinkable.

it makes me think that there is almost nothing beyond the scope of our grasp any longer. things, ideas, entertainment, anything we want we have access to through the tiny little 15 inch screen i’m staring at right now.

the good thing is that with all that access, there are still things that only physical presence can experience and hopefully that will never change.  virtual reality may try to alter that, but it won’t be the same.

being on the shore of the lake with the breeze, hiking through the smoky mountains, sitting in a dark and romantic  restaurant,  feeling the sun on your neck on a bike rider will always be [in my humble opinion] best and only truly experienced au’ natural.

so for all the strange and amazing things this computer can link me to or help me get, for me it will still not be the substitute for real, experienced life.  it’s just might add a bit more flavor to it sometimes!

pax: ty



One Response to “strange and amazing”

  1. If only I could watch the Tulip Time parades from home! Oh wait, I can. It’s called the Holland cable channel. But again, nothing like being there in person, plus you can’t eat an elephant ear through your computer or tv.

    It blows me away all that you can do from your computer. I just enrolled in a class, and every Tuesday night for two hours I sit in front of my computer, listening to a live lecture from a professor in Virginia, and interacting with students from all over the United States and the world. And the cool thing is, with one click of the button I can interupt the professor and talk. Cool stuff. Now, being on the computer in that situation is better than being there in person because I can be in class and watch American Idol at the same time – all without the professor knowing about it.


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