u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

off to classis


so today was great with several hundred students and parents from about 10 different churches showing up for free hot dogs and pop in the park after the tulip time parade.  it was a beautiful day outdoors and was a lot of fun seeing everyone and having a chance to talk. that was the higlight.

now for what i will imagine to be the lowlight! after rushing home for a shower, i’m off to classis. that’s the regional church network in the christian reformed church.  it will be a night of bureaucratic business and stuff down in st. joseph. yippie!

i got ordained by classis but the skin of my teeth and it seems like i get the jitters every time it’s my turn to go back as a pastoral delegate.  usually it because they are such long and administrative meetings.  tonight should be more of the same.

oh well, on the upside dawn and i are heading to chicago tomorrow for heather’s wedding for the weekend.  i guess we’ll just have to suffer at the drake hotel to make up for my classis meeting.  boo hoo!

pax: ty



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