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in His grip, thankfully!

get-away again


dawn and i are about to leave for mackinac island to help chaperone the 8th grade class trip this weekend.

so it’s a get away, but it’s work too. it should be fun with her students and i’m excited because i’ve never been to the island. plus after the students leave for home saturday afternoon, we check into a bed and breakfast on the island that we got as a wedding gift.

so, even though it’s going to be cold, it should be a great time! this is the life getting to go to all these great places.

pax: ty



2 Responses to “get-away again”

  1. “i know it’s healthy for us to take more time off and do things together and get away. life can get way to busy and we need to settle down and enjoy it instead of watching it flash by our eyes.”

    2weeks in a row! sweet!

  2. Last May was my first time to the island too! Isn’t that sad! I’ve lived here my entire life, and was 31 before I made it there. Anyway, it’s beautiful! Mike and I rented one of those two-seater bikes when we were there . . . and laughed our heads off . . . it was so fun! Enjoy!

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