u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

farewell my friends!


last night holland christian had their graduation after party. tuba and i were there as the first aid guys. i got home at 5:15 am just in time to see dawn get ready for school.  so after 5 hours of sleep i’m trapped by lethargicness [not a real word] on the couch not wanting to move.

as i think about it, last night will probably be one of the last times tuba and i will be able to hang out with these students before they are off to college and their adult lives. everything changes with them not.  that doesn’t mean bad, just a transition time for them and our relationships with them.

this is the first class that i started working with at harderwyk as 7th graders.  i remember 5 years ago when they were between 7th and 8th grade telling them that i was so excited that we had 5 more years with them before graduation.  now graduation is here and they are off to college and life.  i’ll miss them a lot.  there were numerous ups and downs in these relationships but i love these kids and hope for the very best for them. and what is that very best for them?  a joyous and vibrant life in Christ!

so, farewell my friends and realize, God goes with you, before you and keeps you in the palm of his hand!

pax: ty



One Response to “farewell my friends!”

  1. Ty,
    Thank you for loving kids! I appreciate you tons!
    Have a fun week at the Park, and tonight…..keep warm, it feels alot like Fall out there. Great night for a roaring camp fire!

    Love in Jesus,
    vickie b.
    p.s. Steve and I are in the process of reading Irresistable Revolution! Blowing us away!!!

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