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in His grip, thankfully!

first roseland workday

so i feel like i should be on one of these home and garden shows where you make over a house.  today at roseland we started our pew recovering project.  i can’t spell reapolstery!

we have 32 pews and 3 chairs to recover and got done with 7 pews and one chair and if i must say so, they look amazing to me! miss van, the pastors wife was very happy with the results so far and i think it’s going to be a fun and great job.  some of the students have started to learn how to use the air staplers and were having a great time with that.

the bonus this year, a mom from the group wanted to come along as chef and house keeper! woo hoo!  she’s a great cook and loves just having stuff ready for us.  that takes a lot off my shoulders.

in fact, she just came in to say dinner is ready, so time time to eat. blessings to all.

oh yeah, i really miss dawn and can’t wait for her to get here on wednesday. and then saturday is our one year anniversary.

pax: ty



3 Responses to “first roseland workday”

  1. i miss roseland! have a great week…

  2. I can’t believe how fast one year has flown by!

    Happy Anniversary! And cheers to many, many more!

  3. Steve and I are praying for ya’ll this week.
    Sounds like you’ve made lots of progress already on the pew project!
    God Bless you as you are a blessing!
    Love in Jesus,
    vickie b.

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