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two days: twenty pews

so we just wrapped up our second day of work here in roseland and make some great progress as well and finding a few other nice little fixes for a few problems on the church pews.  the kids are still working really well and having a good time.

one girl, elise s., is not getting over her cold and may be heading back to holland tonight, so if you see this a pray regarding her would be very thoughtful.

i have to admit that it’s been fun learning to recover these pews and chairs. i might actually tackle a job like this at home now that i have so much good practice and a bit more confidence about it.

tonight we are having dinner with the munster youth group and then playing volleyball.  it should be a great time and linda the youth pastor here has become a good friend. they have always been very welcoming and friendly to us.

tomorrow i’m pumped because it’s my favorite day at roseland AND my best girl is coming up!  we get to have our bbq with the community and the homeless shelter tomorrow night and for about an hour before that starts we hang out with the kids from the shelter playing games and handing out fun little prizes.  then the whole neighborhood seems to come out for the bbq and for an hour and a half i think it makes God smile. black, white, young, old, rich, poor, church member or running from God, it doesn’t matter for that hour and a half and everyone has a good time together. it’s always my highlight and a vision of what God wanted for us all along. and the best part is that my wonderful wife will be here to experiance it all.

well, time for a shower and get the bbq going.

oh and if any of you want to ever come along, just let me know because i love sharing roseland with everyone.

pax: ty



One Response to “two days: twenty pews”

  1. Hi Ty,
    It sounds like your week is going great! I’m thankful!
    I’m praying for Elise. and all ya’ll.
    Enjoy the party tonight with the “body” of Christ!
    I’m glad Dawn is able to join you too! :o)
    Love in Jesus,
    vickie b.

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