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in His grip, thankfully!

sweat and dogs

well, the bbq is in the bag for another year and we had at least 100 people there to enjoy the night. it was a bit warm out there in front of the bbq in full sun and mighty hot.  to say i was getting sweaty was an understatement!

but seeing everyone have a great time and enjoy being together is very good. serving people that don’t often get served is very good. seeing the kids from the center playing with our youth group kids was the best part though. [besides dawn being here]

since we didn’t get dinner because we “sold out” we all stopped at white castle on the way home.  well, almost all of us. my wife led a small mutiny to taco bell because “white castle is disgusting”.

so now tomorrow we are in the home stretch i think.  only six more pews left to go if you don’t count the choir loft.  the church didn’t plan on them but i am heading to the fabric supplier to see if they have any more and we’ll cover the six pews in the choir loft too. i hope they have it because it would be very nice to have everything look the same and be completed at the same time since we’ve figured out how to do it fairly well.  i’m glad it’s been a fun project and am pleased with how well the students have been working at it and paying attention to the details.  it would be easy to just “wing it” and not care, but i think they are proud of their work, and rightly so. it’s been a good thing helping out the church.

well, time to shower now and chill for the rest of the evening.

pray that God continues to work in and through us.  some of our discussions at devotions have been really good and the ones in the car can almost be better and more spiritual because they are not planned.

these are great students!

pax: ty



One Response to “sweat and dogs”

  1. Way to go Dawn! I’m with you all the way in regards to WC!!! 🙂

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