u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

mission accomplished

so today at noon we were on our way home from working because we finished all the pews and had the church cleaned and ready to go for sunday services.  wow, everyone did a great job and it turned out fantastic. we tried to get more fabric today for the choir loft pews but it had to be ordered. so those are unfinished for now and it looks like we’ll be back in july for a day trip to knock those out.

tonight after dinner we took the annual drive up to grant park to walk around at millenium park, along the shore and then drive home down lower wacker drive.  good times.

tomorrow we head to the church and will do some odd jobs around the neighborhood. sounds like maybe some painting and light repair work.  who knows.  it always scares me to start a new job on friday because i worry about getting them done on time.  so we’ll have to see how it goes.

it’s sleepy time to ty now, so have a good night and i’ll post more tomorrow.

pax: ty


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