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in His grip, thankfully!

anniversary and wrap up

well, i caved and told dawn about dinner this morning so she wouldn’t think i’m a schmuck and did nothing about our anniversary.

dinner at the rosebud was great. the food was excellent and the manager gave us free dessert when i said we were back for our one year anniversary after having dinner there on our honeymoon.  way to be dutch, huh? we got a table outside and sat and ate dinner during a thunderstorm. luckily there was a covered seating area outside so we watched everyone run down the streets in the rain. kinda fun!

it’s been a good week here and i think i figured out that this is my eighth summer coming to roseland and at least 25 trips year in the last nine years.  it’s a great place and very near and dear to my heart.  i’m glad i get the privilege of bringing students here to let them experiance it each year and hopefully their heart will be broken in a good way by God for that they seen and grow in their love for the people here.

i’m glad i got to spend the time here and spend a good portion of it with my wife and the group. she is a real blessing here and has a great way about her with the students. [maybe i’ll get her to be a small group leader someday!]

pax: ty



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