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in His grip, thankfully!

lost on me

so, the allure and mystique of the flea market at shipshewana is pretty much lost on me.  it’s cool, but i thought it was an amish craft markety thingy.  but no, it’s your standard swap meet – flea market.  it reminded me of the orange county swap meet back home, but with more of a midwestern flair.

it was interesting for the first hour, alright for the second but dragging on after the third.  luckily we went to lunch around 1 for a breather.  i was starting to fade fast once i realized half way in you see the same things over and over again.  after lunch we walked around more of the same foofy shops in town.  it seems like the variety and uniqueness of what you find in those places is pretty limited.  shopping is definately a woman’s sport.

well, i’ve got wifi here now so i’m going to work on my devotional for our backpacking trip.  have a great day if you’re reading this.

pax: ty

ps. the couple in the site next door are from pella.  their pastor friend that’s coming to dinner tonight is the father-in-law of my cousin in montana and the pastor from the church dawn served at for a summer in high school.  it’s such a small crc and dutch world.


One Response to “lost on me”

  1. Amen and amen. (both to the post and to the p.s.)

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