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in His grip, thankfully!

roll with it

i continue to learn in different ways how important it is to chill and roll with the punches. in the midst of trips, vacation, families, marriage, work, schedules and deadlines there will always be a huge need for me to grow in patience and self control.

i think being married has helped me when it comes to patience. and i know it has helped dawn to grow by having to live with me. these are good things because growing is living. if we don’t grow and move forward, what’s the point?

that all being said, the trips this summer have been some of the best i’ve been on in a long time. before we went to roseland i was a little concerned about how well the team would connect and they connected better than any team in recent memory. bears notwithstanding, the appalachian trip was sweet and the time with the guys wound up being something that i think important to do. getting guys out into the wilderness taking some risks and challenges.

lastly, the two weeks of vacation that dawn and i just has was so good. i don’t think i’ve had a two week vacation since i was in high school at home with my parents. seeing and learning about each other’s families was a very good thing, but again, patience was required. seeing oregon and washington really reminded me how beautiful they are and it’s a shame that i hadn’t been out there in over 25 years. i hope this long of a vacation will be something we’ll be able to keep doing for years to come!

it’s good to be home and now comes serve and about 100 middle schoolers will be hitting out doors this sunday!

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One Response to “roll with it”

  1. I like the new format of the blog . . . also welcome back to the blogsphere! So glad to hear your trip was safe and fun!

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