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in His grip, thankfully!

fired up to see students: not plan!

i’m in the midst of planning mode for the fall, which is a necessary evil!  what i would much rather do is get out and see kids at football practice, have lunch with them and visit them at their jobs.

how do we minimize the time it takes to plan, prep and program so that we can go do what matters most?

my hunch is, and what i’m going to try and accomplish this fall, is that we can wing things a little more, rely on our experience and use the time we save to be where the students are.  at least that’s the conversation trent and i had before he blessed me to go be with students!

woo hoo, harderwyk is a great place and trent gets ministry.  what a great combo!

pax: ty



4 Responses to “fired up to see students: not plan!”

  1. Actually you do have a “plan”…investing in relationships, not programs is the plan! It’s a good one. Programs are just the excuse, the setting, to gather in relationships. Then the relationships become the content of the program. I think you are on a good track my man!

  2. Dude…you “fasting” from blogging??? I like reading you!

  3. Ty! It has officially been one month since you have blogged! You must be really seeing a lot of students. Not only are you not spending time planning, you are not spending time blogging! I miss your musings!


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