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in His grip, thankfully!

what’s going to give?

one of my goals of getting back to students in their environment has been happening really well, but it also means that the amount of time i have to complete everything gets busier. i have to be more efficient and be able to do more things on the fly. focusing on the students and the relationships with them is why i am a youth pastor and brings me a lot of joy and i see the worth to the students to have someone that cares.

but here’s what i’m thinking: what’s going to give or be missed to make this all possible?

or can i be more spontaneous and work on the fly?

i’m really having a good time with students and reconnecting and very happy about that, but i’m also worried about what may fall between the cracks. blogging and God times seem to be the first victims but want to make sure that i recognize that [most importantly with God] and i stay aware and keep working on it.

i also want to keep looking for and finding other adults from church that can give time to meet with students in their world.

always something, right?

thanks for those who are concerned i’m not blogging, but really, do i have anything worth reading?

pax: ty



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