u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

here’s my challenge


devotionally and spiritually i’ve been horrible for some time now.  writing sermons and lesson plans haven’t been bad, but that’s been the only time i’ve picked up my bible.

tonight in youth group we talked about the sweetness and danger of the word of God, the bible.  sweet because it’s God’s word and will for us. dangerous because if we live it out and act on it, it will mess up our lives splendidly!

so my challenge to my students, and more importantly to myself, is to start with 30 days in God’s word.  30 days looking with a bible reading plan on the life of Christ, whom we seek to live like.  in addition, i’m thinking and knowing more prayer would be the perfect partner to this.  so my notebook [moleskin] and bible in hand, tomorrow i embark on 30 days back to prayer and God’s word.

as we said today to the students when we gave them a liveCHRIST pin, christian or not, we ask that we all try and take one step closer to Christ together!

pax: ty


ps: i think some of them listened, but as a friend john reminded me, my job and call is to be faithful, not to spend all my time and energy worrying about kids attention and how and when God will do what only HE can do!


2 Responses to “here’s my challenge”

  1. Awesome…thanks for the challenge!

  2. I heard Bill Bright (the founder, though now dead, president of Campus Crusade for Christ) say “success in witnessing is taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results up to God.” Sweet idea! I like Moleskins!

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