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good thoughts on missions & service


went to a seminar put on by the rca and western seminary that was at calvin college [strange location] that we really good.  it had a lot to think about regarding how and why we do short term missions with our churches and youth groups.  there was so much good thinking that it’s hard to summarize everything.  however, a few thoughts were…

  • do we have a goal in mind with missions?
  • do we have any clue of the culture and context of the people we travel to serve?
  • do we have any follow up with the group that went besides a pizza and picture party?
  • are there long term goals that lead to life change AFTER the trip?
  • are we causing any harm or hurt to the communities and people we are trying serve?

and a lot more. if you want to read up more about the two guys that spoke, google david livermore from grand rapids theological seminary and kurt verbeek at calvin college.  they are working on ideas to share with churches to help prepare and follow up for all our trips. david livermore also wrote a book called “serving with eyes wide open”.  a must read!

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