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more missions stuff and another great book!


i am looking at talking to my students about our service and mission projects from the perspective of what are we accomplishing.  we’ve been going to roseland for 6 years now and are we any closer to understanding the real issues of poverty, racism, power, injustice and all the rest.

see, we get to leave.  we go home and are in the majority again.  we’ll never understand the dynamics of power, privilege and race from any other perspective other than being white.

so, in order to talk a little more intelligently,  i’ve been looking for book recomendations.  the first one i’ve gotten is great…

theirs is the kingdom“, by robert lupton is a collection of short stories by a white urban pastor who was in atlanta for many years.  he’s share insight into what happens in the city and why.  great reading to start our conversation.

another is an mp3 from a youth specialties conference called “missions without pimpin’ the poor“.  if you want to buy it, it’s still available at the link if you scroll down to seminar series 4.  the youth pastor who shared the talk is named eric iverson and has a great perspective on short term missions and what are we really addressing.

i know i posted on this a few days ago, but it’s kinda caught in my craw and making me think!

pax:  ty



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