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in His grip, thankfully!

in just a few days san diego

in just a few days i’ll be out in san diego! time for the national youth workers convention. it’s a at a great place not too far from the coast and you really can’t beat san diego.

i’m looking forward too… [in no particular order]

  • tasty and more authentic mexican food
  • family [my sister’s family is in san diego and parents in seal beach]
  • other youth pastors
  • conversations about ministry
  • sleeping in
  • a drive down pacific coast highway
  • a reunion with a number of california friends from back in the day
  • hanging out with my bud jamie
  • time to be quiet
  • a few tasty beverages
  • great weather and sunshine
  • a chance to get up and run
  • some great training
  • some great goofing off
  • all the freebies and new resources
  • great music with all the free concerts
  • in-n-out burgers
  • labyrinth

with all the fun the bummer is 8 days away from home and dawn. some time she’ll have to come with and take time off from teaching.

pax: ty



One Response to “in just a few days san diego”

  1. have a great time!

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