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in His grip, thankfully!

alamo rental sucks!

so after an early start from chicago this morning and a great flight on jetblue [yea!] i hit the rough spot of the day, alamo car rental.

i understand when computers are down, that’s a problem we just have to deal with.  what i shouldn’t have to deal with is an hour wait for something they said would be ready in 15 minutes.  i could have driven off immediately with a mini-van only but decided to wait because he said my full size car would be ready in 15 minutes.  then i actually wound up waitign for nearly an hour for my car which then turned out to be a mini-van because that’s all they have anyhow.  no sorry, no can we make the price better for you.  just here’s your mini van and deal with it.


i lost it. i “thanked” the manager for his great customer service and tried calling customer service who said there is nothing they can do and talk to the manager.  running in circles is fun especially when you’re frustrated and tried from a flight.

maybe now i’ll just drive like a maniac and not worry about curbs or poles because i paid for the complete insurance.  i could run the mini-van into a brick wall and walk away with the insurance i bought.


oh wait, that would not be trying to liveCHRIST.  rats!

pax: ty



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