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in His grip, thankfully!

don’t let dawn read this because i spent money!

[postscript: dawn does know about it, i told her.  and i did have the money “saved” up for this!  i’m not that horrible of a husband spending all our money on my toys!]

so today after a great lunch with my former pastor, i fixed my problem with finding wi-fi! i got mobile broadband wi-fi. kind of an impulse purchase, which is rare for me. [not really, just ask dawn]  i stopped at the sprint store because i knew it was one of the better ones that works with mac. now i never have to deal with finding a coffee shop or hot spot to be able to work.

the nice thing is that i had some money from weddings and speaking so it won’t break the “we don’t spend over $50 without talking to each other rule” that we kinda sorta follow.

so now, i can email and browse with ease just about anywhere and it’s so very cool! and yes, i do realize i’m a HUGE nerd!

pax: ty



3 Responses to “don’t let dawn read this because i spent money!”

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! I love ya man!

  2. Yikes! I understand your need, but I hope you wife does too. Good luck!

  3. How awesome, if I thought my wife wouldn’t slap me upside the head, i’d be there in a second. As it is she probably thinks I am already “always connected”. Sometimes it has to be a conscious decision to unplug for a few days and not check my work email every night once or twice, check the news and favorite sites. If I had wireless anywhere who knows if I would even come up for air.


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