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in His grip, thankfully!

wi-fi and weather

ok, so i’m cooled down after the alamo rental blues.  however, i look like a complete tool driving a mini-van.  not cool!

so now the next issues is the wi-fi blues.  traveling and trying to keep in contact is a pain.  finding wi-fi is not easy and then once you do figuring out the settings to send email is very difficult.  i think it’s about time to jump into the world of mobile broadband and get myself a card for my laptop. the service has come down quite a bit and it’s helpful to have constant contact.  or at least contact when i want it.

after a little drizzle out here this morning, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.  mid 70’s, some nice ocean breezes and plenty of sunshine.  it’s really nice that my parents only moved a couple of miles away from the beach.  they don’t really appreciate as much as i would, but nothing i can do about that but enjoy it while i’m here.  it does amaze me though how much more i feel like a mid-westerner every time i come out here.  i start thinking to myself how crowded it is, how many people are morons, that traffic sucks, that every inch of space is paved and developed.  wow, what happened to me.  i went from thinking i would live and die as a californian to being happy that my home is now in michigan.  life changes!

pax:  ty



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